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CASE ParkingCounts in the Cloud™

CASE Parking puts Counts in the Cloud

CASE Parking LLC is a leading provider of wireless communication and data collection applications for the exchange and control of information using Cloud-based systems. CASE uses a data management or "Counts in the Cloud" approach to automate the process of capturing real-time information for parking space availability and special event planning. CASE provides the software you will need to help you grow your parking business.

CASE Parking collects accurate vehicle counts, from open lots, for gated structures, and at unmanned parking locations. Event parking is managed much easier and more effectively using CASE's "Counts in the Cloud" user-friendly, web-based dashboard management platform.

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“Use CASE Parking count systems to manage wayfinding, and cut commuting emissions to realize your sustainability objectives - read more...”
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  • What We Do...We provide turnkey solutions to count cars in and out of parking lots, with more than 99% accuracy. CASE Parking uses a new data management or “Counts in the Cloud” approach to automate managing real-time parking information and special event planning.
  • How it Works...CASE Parking delivers real-time occupancy to manage your parking facilities through a web-based dashboard, and provides parkers with parking space availability via smartphones, message signs, and websites.
  • Proven ROI...Our ROI studies show that our solution will drive positive cash flow in the first month of operation. We pride ourselves on being able to help our clients build a Return on Investment (ROI), which can be justified for your needs and goals, as well as your executive team's bottom line. Your success is our motivation.
  • Our Thoughts on Parking . . .

    Evolution of Wayfinding in Parking - By John Couvrette
    Remote wayfinding accesses parking occupancy data from sensors and feeds these real-time data into smartphone applications.

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    MITIGATE LOSS Through Deployment of Real-Time Occupancy Data Solutions - By John Couvrette
    Millions of dollars are lost annually due to theft and fraudulent activity at parking facilities across the United States.

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Wayfinding - Know Where You're Going, Before You Get There ...

IRVINE, CA and JOHNSON CITY, TN - August 12, 2014
East Tennessee State University Partners With CASE Parking, Streetline to Transform Campus Parking...

Blackboard brings mobile to students...

IRVINE, CA and FOSTER CITY, CA – (May 27, 2014)
Montclair State University Partners With Case Parking And Streetline To Transform Parking On Campus!

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